Saad Najmi – Taking React Native to macOS | App.js Conf 2023

Saad Najmi


One of the main potentials of react-native is the flexibility it provides in terms of native platforms the code can be ported to. At Microsoft, where desktop is a key part of our customers’ experience, we took this opportunity to take cross-platform experiences to be used in our macOS apps. To do so, we had to embark on a journey of the scary “out of tree” platform, which had many challenges and still has! Come with me Saad this trip, where he’ll share with you how we implement and maintain React Native macOS, and talk about what kind of apps can be built with it!

App.js Conf 2023

App.js Conf is a React Native & Expo-focused conference organized by Software Mansion. The last edition was a blast! We’ve brought together over 330 developers from all around the world, listened to over 20 talks by React Native professionals, discussed the present and the future of mobile development and danced till morning at the afterparty! Join us in May 2023 and we promise to deliver even a better experience than before.

Remember that you can also follow us on Twitter @ReactNativeMSFT to keep up to date on news, feature roadmaps, and more.

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  • ASOSugar Empire 0

    ok so i dont know where to start and u may not be the right people but ive seen something called React Native on the mountains of screen shots ive taken and what I would like to know is how can i be contacting Microsoft Git Hub Azure 365 support and not one person knows how to help me when i have clearly stated that is due to Microsoft Windows/Office/Azure/Visial Studio/GitHib etc and yet noone can help me!!

    and it doesnt matter if i change names numbers emails devices i am unable to get out of being provisioned and whilst being on elastic ips/vmes xcodes pythons and whatever else.

    So if there is someone who understands the ramifications of entrprise/business/personal/device and account management it would be great. Bcos the gentleman previously using and whatever othet aliases he uses fraudulently i believe the name gz83 on github has no legal or unlegal authorisation to any of my devices. i do not have any staffing to accommodate over 56 devices or anything else.

    im on debians lotties brotlis containers Kubenetes amaZonaws and other clouds galore and 5 yrs of this is enough to make someone cut their wrists

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