Alan Geller

Software Architect, Quantum Software and Applications

Alan Geller is a software architect in the Quantum Architectures and Computation group at Microsoft. He is responsible for the overall software architecture for Q# and the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, as well as other aspects of the Microsoft Quantum software program.

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Four Years of Q#

A look back at the fourth year of Q#.
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Three Years of Q#

A look back at Q#'s third year, 2020
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Introducing Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR)

QIR is a new Microsoft-developed intermediate representation for quantum programs. This post describes QIR and provides pointers to the specification and source code.

A Second Year of Q#

A look back at the second year of Q#.
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What are Qubits?

We consider the true nature of qubits, both as physical objects and as how they should be represented in a programming language.

A Year of Q#

The Quantum Architecture and Computation group launched Q#, our quantum computing programming language, a year ago on December 11th, 2017. This post is a brief overview of the language developments and the community growth since the first release.
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Qubits in Q#

How should qubits be represented in a quantum programming language? This post attempts to answer this question and discusses qubits representation in Q#.

Why do we need Q#?

Why we decided to develop Q#, a new language for quantum computing.