Microsoft at EuroPython 2022

Luciana Abud

We’re thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor of EuroPython this year, happening from July 11th-17th in Dublin, Ireland. If you can’t make it in person, you can still attend the conference remotely, as EuroPython is a hybrid event this year!   

Our team members will be giving a variety of talks during the conference: 

Make sure you don’t miss them!  We’ll also be at the Microsoft booth talking about the hard work our teams have been doing to continue supporting the Python community, and to improve the experience for Python developers across our products over the past year. 

For instance, Visual Studio Code, which has become the most used editor for Python developers in 2021, has a new and improved experience when working with Jupyter notebooks, a revamped test explorer via the Python extension, and now comes with new Python dev tools extensions (such as pylint, black and isort). We have also enabled a smooth and lightweight editing experience on the web with and, and a feature-rich one in GitHub Codespaces 

On the cloud front, Python 3.10 and 3.11 support will be coming in a few months to Azure App Service. There are also new features to help with troubleshooting high CPU and memory utilization in Python apps. For Azure Functions, we are working on a new programming model to write functions in Python. The new programming model drives a simpler function creation process, including having triggers and bindings represented as decorators, and fewer files. We’re expecting to make this experience available soon, so stay tuned to our blog!  

The new, open-source Azure Developer CLI accelerates the time it takes you to go from code to cloud, all from the command line with idiomatic Python application templates. The CLI provides simple ways to provision the right resources for your application and deploy them seamlessly on Azure, monitor application performance, create and manage GitHub Actions to automate CI/CD with every commit to your application’s repository, and more.

In the machine learning and data science realm, notebooks in Azure Machine Learning allows you to run and track experiments in a machine learning studio using the familiar interface of Jupyter notebooks. In addition to the existing coding tools, several new features have been released to boost productivity, including highlighting the code line that caused an error during run and scanning GitHub for examples for unfamiliar methods. On top of that, its integration with VS Code has been improved to provide: 

  • A new, more secure and fluid (no-ssh), transition between using the Azure ML Studio and VS Code to edit Jupyter notebooks running on Azure ML Compute Instances. 
  • Enhanced authoring support for Azure Machine Learning specification files within VS Code, including completions and validations. 
  • A new Azure ML Inference extension to help you test and debug online endpoints locally before deploying them to Azure. 

Last year, we also announced a collaboration with Anaconda to license our customers to use Anaconda’s packages across all of cloud hosted services, and have been filling our Conda channel with our popular packages such as the Azure SDKs and Playwright. And a couple of months ago at Microsoft Build 2022 we announced upcoming new Windows ARM64 devices, and we are working on making sure Python is available and works great natively on those devices.  

Last but not least, we’re proud of the work Guido van Rossum and the CPython performance team at Microsoft has been doing on improvements to the core runtime, which will make Python 3.11 10-60% faster than Python 3.10, depending on the workload – and you can learn more about that by checking Mark Shannon’s talk on “How we are making Python 3.11 faster” on July 14th at 11:20am.   

These are only some of the many things we look forward to chatting with you at EuroPython. But if you can’t make it there, no problem – you can always connect to us through our Discord channel. 

Whether it’s in person or virtually, we all look forward to meeting you!  


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