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Data Science with Python in Visual Studio Code

Today we’re very excited to announce the availability of Data Science features in the Python extension for Visual Studio Code! With the addition of these features, you can now work with data interactively in Visual Studio Code, whether it is for exploring data or for incorporating machine learning models into applications, making Visual Studio Code an exciting new option for those who prefer an editor for data science tasks.

Come see us at EuroPython 2018!

Next week is the EuroPython conference from July 23-29 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Microsoft is a platinum sponsor of EuroPython this year, and are looking forward to meeting you there! Be sure to come by our booth and check out our sessions. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll be sharing the content from the conference on our Python ...

Introducing the Python Language Server

Visual Studio has long been recognized for the quality of its IntelliSense (code analysis and suggestions) across all languages, and has had support for Python since 2011. We are pleased to announce that we are going to be making the Python support available to other tools as the Microsoft Python Language Server. It is available first today in...

Recap: Microsoft at PyCon US 2018

Microsoft was a keystone-level sponsor of PyCon US 2018 this year, which took place in Cleveland Ohio from May 9-17th. We had a great time interacting with and learning from the community, and we had a lot of fun! In this post we’ll share our experience and useful links from the conference.