Thinking about moving to TFS 2017?

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In this post, Application Development Managers,  Sheldon Ledbetter and DeWayla White, share a few of their favorite things about TFS 2017.

Thinking about moving to Team Foundation Server 2017?

Here are just a few highlights regarding improvements to the latest release:

One of the first things you’ll notice is the collection page has been improved with a more personalized experience displaying all of your favorites, projects, work and pull item requests.  You will find this has immediate individual benefits for each developer based on his/her approach.

Next, you’ll find the version control has been improved with more granular permissions.  This allows the separation of task, for example, create, delete or rename of a repo.

Work item tracking improvements now see the picker MRU list and search results only for returned members of the configured group of the collection.

Build improvements now allow for a build definition to roll back to a previous version by clicking on the History tab.  You may also disable the source sync and GIT checkout while the build agent will support GIT shallow clone.  You will also have control over the major version of a task during build/release.

Package management has a new feature called release views. This feature will allow for greater integration within a continuous release cycle, providing the flexibility for supporting each published version.

Cross platform support now includes xcpretty formatting for xcodebuild output.  Before you had to use xctool for test results.

The ability to run tests built with VS 2017 using the Deploy Test Agent and Run Functional Tests tasks has been added.

Release management has been improved with the support for variable groups. With this update you can group your variables and their values for use across multiple release definitions.

The new update also includes Elasticsearch 2.4.1.  This provides for greater speed of search/scaling across different languages.

Code Insights has been improved to include SonarQube integration for MSBuild tasks.  An additional feature involves notifications activity in your Team Services projects and users will also have their own account-level access.

Updates to notifications will make it easier to manage what notifications you and your teams receive.

And last, for users of the Process Template Editor you’ll be happy to see support included in TFS 2017.  With this extension, you can view and update your process templates as well as work on global lists/item types.


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