So What Is WebAssembly All About?

Pam Lahoud

This post on the new WebAssembly technology comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Wael Kdouh.

Every now and then people get excited about a new feature that is being developed as a web standard. One such technology that has been garnering excitement lately is called WebAssembly. It’s a new way of running code on the web. Think about it as a new sort of application runtime that is available in the browser. It’s a subset of normal JavaScript that can be optimized to run extremely quickly (smaller download, much faster parsing in browsers). The browser can also verify that it’s safe extremely quickly. The new binary format for delivering that kind of code to the browser is called WebAssembly. It’s a low level binary code format that is not meant to be read/written by humans. The idea is that you can compile to this format from some other languages.

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