Setting up CI/CD targeting Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Using VSTS

Developer Support

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Najib Zarrari demonstrates how to deploy a containerized ASP.NET Core Web API app into an OpenShift Kubernetes cluster.

The first part of this blog will go over how to create a sample ASP.NET Core web application with Docker support. We will use this as our demo app to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster. Then we will go over how VSTS can be used to create a CI build that will build the application, package the build output into a Docker image, and push the image to Docker Hub.  After that, we will point you to resources that will show how you can create a test OpenShift Kubernetes cluster.  Finally, we will go over how VSTS Release Management can be used to continuously deploy to the OpenShift Kubernetes cluster.  As you might have guessed, this might not be easy to setup.  Luckily, the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deploy (CD) aspect of this is greatly simplified by VSTS as you will see later.  Let’s get to work.

You can read more of Najib’s post here.


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