Set up IIS on Windows Virtual Machine

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App Dev Manager Vijetha Marinagammanavar provides a walk-through of setting up IIS on a Windows Virtual machine hosted in Azure.

Let’s see How to set up IIS on Windows Virtual Machine hosted on Azure.

Login to and select Microsoft Azure Subscription (MSDN subscribers or sign up for a one-month free trial).

Follow steps mentioned in this article to create Virtual Machines in Azure using Azure portal. And then to configure IIS on your Azure virtual machine, follow the steps below. In this demo I have chosen a Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter image. To setup IIS on Windows VM using PowerShell follow the steps mentioned in this article

1) Go to Azure Portal and navigate to Virtual Machine pane. Hit “Connect” to login to you Virtual Machine. Make sure you have configured the VM for RDP access. setupiis1

2) Go to your Virtual machine and on the Start menu search for “Server Manager” as shown in below screen. setupiis2

3) Open Server Manager and Select “Dashboard” on the left navigation bar. Then select “Add roles and features” option from the welcome screen. setupiis3

4) Click on “Next” from the Add roles and features Wizard. setupiis4

5) Choose “Role-based or feature-based installation” to configure a single server and click on “Next”. setupiis5

6) From Server Selection option, click on Select a server from the server pool and click on Next. setupiis6

7) In server roles please choose “Web Server(IIS)” and click on “Next”. setupiis7

8) From the Add roles and features wizard pop up, check Include Management tools and click on “Add Features”. setupiis8

9)From the Features option for now just click on “Next”. Note: If you have any Prerequisites to install you can select from the Features list. setupiis9

10)From the Web Server role (IIS) just click on Next. setupiis13

11)From Role Services choose “IIS 6 management compatibility” and click on “Next”. setupiis11

12) Click on “Install” and wait for the Installation and setup to complete. setupiis12 setupiis13

13) Once you received the Installation Succeeded message, click on “Close”. setupiis14

14) To test the IIS installation, go to Server Manager, right click on Server name and open IIS manager or you can directly search for IIS in the Start menu. setupiis15 OR setupiis16

15) On the IIS Manager, Select Default Web Site and click on Browse, it will open the http://localhost on the port no: 80. This confirms the IIS configuration on the Virtual machine. setupiis17 setupiis18


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