Resources to get started with Service Fabric Clusters in Azure or On-Premises

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This post is provided by Application Development Managers, Mahendar Madhavaram and Guru Satish Piduru, who share some helpful resources to get started with Service Fabric Clusters.

ServiceFabric ClusterService Fabric enables building and managing of scalable and reliable applications, composed of microservices and run at very high density on Service Fabric Clusters. It provides a sophisticated runtime to build distributed, scalable, stateless and stateful microservices applications and comprehensive application management capabilities to provision, deploy, monitor, and upgrade/patch deployed applications.

Clusters for Service Fabric can be created in many environments.  This includes Azure and on premises using Windows Server or Linux. The development environment in the SDK is identical to the production environment and no emulators are involved.  This means applications that run on your local development cluster can be deployed to Service Fabric clusters running in other environments.

Service Fabric for Windows Server General availability: Read more on Mark Fussell’s blog

Service Fabric Preview on Linux: Read more on Mark Russinovich blog

Differences between Service Fabric on Linux (preview) and Windows (generally available):

Since Service Fabric on Linux is in preview, there are some features that are supported on Windows, but not on Linux. Please see the article below for details

Development environments can be setup on Windows, Linux of Mac OS. Below are some links to setting up development environments each supported OS:

Latest Service Fabric content roadmap from Product Team

Build applications with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric on Windows and Linux

Learn how to get started building highly available microservice-based applications using Microsoft Azure Service Fabric on Windows and Linux:

Service Fabric 3-part series covering the following topics to get you started

Building Microservices Applications on Azure Service Fabric

Want to work with a distributed systems platform to build scalable, reliable, and easily managed applications for the cloud? Take this on-demand Azure Service Fabric course, and explore the free Windows component that works with any cloud, including Azure, Amazon, on-premises, and more.

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