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In this post, Senior App Dev Manager Deepak Malik, explains how Partner Center API’s provide extensive management functionalities and enable partner to extend their existing systems.

The Partner Center REST API helps Cloud Solution Provider partners (CSP’s) integrate their existing CRM or billing systems with the Microsoft systems to manage multiple entities.  This might include managing customer accounts, subscriptions, placing orders, and handling support requests to enable partners to sell Microsoft Commercial Cloud software. The Partner Center SDK provides a superset of the earlier CREST API functionality.  

CSP Model Definition


Partner Center REST API

  • Official REST API endpoint for CSP partners
  • Provides functionality in sync with Partner Center portal
  • Addresses common challenges with CREST API
    • Some additional APIs such as Azure AD REST API were required
  • Superset of capabilities in CREST API
  • Useful for non .NET integration projects

Partner Center SDK

  • Makes available key complex scenarios with Object Model to expedite integration & shorten development cycles
  • Native .NET SDK benefits
    • Strongly typed objects & collections
    • Simplifies authentication and token management
    • Abstraction to the REST API
    • Makes calls to Partner Center REST API

Real world applications

  • Customers can have their own market place
  • Customers can track Azure usage
  • Licenses assignment and activity
  • Customers can keep an eye on your Azure customers’ usage
  • Identify, track and manage risks by tracking audit trail of activities
  • Expand their business by referrals
  • Indirect Providers will be able to designate their Indirect Resellers to handle supporting customers

For latest Partner API documentation, please refer:

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