Part 2 – Deploying Your Dockerized Angular Application to Azure Using VSTS

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In part 2 of a series of posts, Premier Developer Consultant Wael Kdouh demonstrates how to eliminate daunting requirements and instead install Angular build tools and utilize Docker to more easily and efficiently deploy an application to Azure using VSTS.

From Wael:

In part 1 I demonstrated building a VSTS build pipeline which built an Angular Docker image and deployed it to an Azure Web App for Containers. Whereas it helped me achieve consistency across development and production environments, it required the build server to have all the necessary tools to build the application (Typescript, npm dependencies, Node.JS, etc.). This can be a daunting task and quite frankly unnecessary. In this post I will demonstrate how to eliminate the requirement to install the Angular build tools on the build server and instead utilize a Docker image which encapsulates all the necessary tools.

Learn how to deploy your Dockerized Angular application to Azure here.


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