OpenID and ASP.NET web sites

Andrew Arnott

If you are a web developer I hope you’ve considered accepting OpenID credentials for logging in your users.  If you have an ASP.NET web site, the process of adding OpenID support to your web site couldn’t be easier when you use the free C# DotNetOpenId library. 

Supporting OpenID is a great idea:

  1. No more “I forgot my username/password” pages.
  2. No more “Change Password” pages.
  3. Your users have one less username/password to make-up/reuse when they join your site.
  4. Users who prefer greater security than a username/password provides can choose an OpenID Provider that provides that assurance, without you having to enhance your site.
  5. It’s free.  And so are the libraries that you can drop in to add support for it.


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