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This post is provided by Senior App Dev Manager, Mark Meadows who shares some tips on getting the most from your Premier Support for Developers contract.

A Microsoft premier contract can be a very valuable asset to you and your company.  You not only get access to a wealth of reactive and proactive engineers and services, but an advocate and partner within Microsoft working on your behalf.  As an Application Development Manager (ADM) I work to build relationships with my customers, and genuinely help them maximize the value of our products and services.  Having been in this role for many years, and having worked with many different kinds of customers, I wanted to share some elements that have been consistent in the most successful of these relationships. 

imageCommunicate openly and often.  Make sure you are communicating well with your ADM, and on a consistent basis.  My customers and I have found that monthly sync meetings are very helpful to keep on track with strategic initiatives, and engaging via phone and email.  This simple point will help you realize so much value, and I can’t stress its importance enough.

Be honest – Be upfront and honest with your ADM about your priorities, goals, and what you would like to get accomplished through your premier agreement.  When you communicate these objectives clearly to your ADM, you will help ensure you are both working towards the same goals. 

Partner – Include your ADM in your discussions and plans.  The more closely you partner with your ADM, the better they will be able to help you.  Include them in meetings and calls so they can get to know you and your team, and how you like to work.  The more your ADM knows about your internal projects and culture, the better they can help you.

Ask questions – When in doubt ask your ADM.  With so many topics and areas within Microsoft, it is often unclear where to start when you have a question.  Your ADM is a great first contact for these scenarios.  Your ADM can help to identify the correct resources or teams to engage and assist.  Partnering with your ADM can help ensure you get the right resources engaged with minimal overhead and duplication of efforts.

Adapt – Don’t hesitate to make adjustments and change your scope.  When things change and the plan needs to change, work with your ADM to help define and implement a new strategy.  This can help get new plans up and running  as efficiently as possible.

Work with your ADM to build a relationship that will truly help you operate more effectively.  It’s much more than a Premier contract, it’s a partnership that will facilitate and adapt with you over time.

Premier Support for Developers provides strategic technology guidance, critical support coverage, and a range of essential services to help teams optimize development lifecycles and improve software quality.  Contact your Application Development Manager (ADM) or email us to learn more about what we can do for you.


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