Deploying Your Angular Application To Azure Using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Pam Lahoud

This tutorial on using VSTS to deploy your Angular application to Azure comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Wael Kdouh.


It is no secret by now that the Angular CLI is the preferred method to develop an Angular application due to its simplicity and power at the same time. One of the main advantages of using Angular CLI is that it hides a lot of the ceremony involved in creating an Angular application (deciding on a style guide, setting up the package.json file, setting up the client side build system, setting up unit testing, preparing your code for production, etc.).

This is all great, but one sticky point with developers who are accustomed to working Azure has always been the fact that the Angular CLI doesn’t provide much information regarding publishing to Azure. This is by design as the Angular CLI is trying not to be opinionated in terms of how you will host your application. In this post I will show you how to build a CI/CD pipeline with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) which will deploy your Angular application to an Azure Web App. I will assume that you have already setup the Angular CLI on your machine and that you have already created the Angular application. I will also assume that you have already carried the proper steps to push your code into VSTS.

Read the rest on Wael’s blog here.


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