Connecting A Durable Function to SharePoint Online

Developer Support

App Dev Manager Chris Hanna and Premier Field Engineer Frank Chen explore using Azure Durable Functions to handle complex workflow scenarios with SharePoint.

I was working with one of my peers Frank Chen on building a workflow that could be called from SharePoint Online. We looked into Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps. Both are great options for integrating with SharePoint Online. However, we decided on another great Azure Resource the Azure Durable Function, because we wanted to provide SharePoint a custom status that could be leveraged for a progress bar, we also had the need to build a separate function that had a workflow that could span hours or even days. To build our completed solution we developed an Azure Durable Function and leveraged SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and SharePoint Online (SPO).

Today, we will talk about how we called the SharePoint API from our Durable function.

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