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Developers from around the world came together this week as our Build Conference kicked off in Seattle. It’s always an inspiring time to hear new product announcements and seeing many new technologies in action for the first time. Build is sensory overload to anyone who loves technology, but more importantly, this conference sets the stage for what is to come. If you are not able to attend, either in person or via the live streams, be sure and watch the on-demand keynotes on Channel9. While the internet is buzzing over technology announcements, it’s important to step back and consider the vision Satya shared.

He opened with a reminder about the great responsibility we have as developers and businesses. Technology should empower people, promote inclusive design, and build trust.  “The opportunity for us as developers to have a broad, deep impact on all parts of society and all parts of the economy has never been greater.” – Satya


Developers have more options than ever to choose platforms and technology partners to work with. So why choose Microsoft? Partnering with Microsoft creates an unparalleled foundation of ways to connect with customers using Windows, Active Directory, Azure, and O365.


The Build keynotes are filled with testimonials and real-world examples of customers who have successfully transformed their business using the cloud in ways that were simply not possible a few years ago. If you are struggling to see how the cloud could transform your business, there is a lot of insight to gain from these stories. If you are still thinking about the cloud as merely a cost effective way to host your infrastructure, you could be missing a huge opportunity to reimagine more efficient solutions that easily adapt and grow with you. Microservices, Service Fabric, and container based solutions are front and center of many of these conversations. For regions or deployment scenarios where Azure is not available today, Azure Stack provides a way to leverage your Azure investments no matter where you need it to run. Many ISVs are finding opportunity through SaaS and Azure that connects 100 million monthly active enterprise users.

What’s next?  As Satya put it, “Server-less computation is going to fundamentally change the economics of back-end computing and be the core of distributed computing. This application paradigm shift of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge is going to be pervasively changing everything we do inside of Windows, O365, and Azure. Build is about unpacking this.”

Just a few of the keynote highlights:

You can review many of the announcements in more detail via team blogs:

Tune in, Ask Questions, and get involved with Build on Channel9

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