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Senior Application Development Managers Sanjeev Gogna and Charles Ofori explain Azure Rapid Response (ARR) program, and explain how it benefits Premier customers.


With today’s technology, availability, reliability, and uptime are fundamental to success. To overcome incidents and interruptions, Microsoft offers Azure Rapid Response, an expedited response framework with prioritized access to Microsoft’s most knowledgeable experts. A designated Azure support team works to help you respond and recover quickly from critical issues. To begin, the team seeks to understand the basics of your deployment during the onboarding process, getting key information ahead of time. An Azure Rapid Response team responds to critical issues within 15 minutes, and, if necessary, can fast-track your incident to Azure Operations and Engineering.

What is Azure Rapid Response

The three primary value-added features of Azure Rapid Response

  • The fastest response time Microsoft offers: 15 minutes for critical issues.
  • A designated Azure support team familiar with your environment provides pinpoint advice, leading to faster response and recovery.
  • Prioritized escalation and access to Azure Operations and Engineering.

What does Azure Rapid Response Do for me?

  • Respond & Recover: A process that provides for the rapid response and expedited recovery of Azure Solutions. We work with you to understand your solution so we can offer expert advice and guidance, and when an issue arises, we respond quickly to help recover and restore operations as quickly as possible.
  • Deep technical expertise, when you need it most: A trusted advisor from Microsoft with knowledge of your business, environment, teams, and priorities. In the cloud, we know that time is critical, and dependability is crucial. ARR teams have high levels of expertise regarding Azure best practices, including knowledge transfer, common issues and caveats, and overall product information.

Please contact your TAM and ADM for more information on how to enroll in this program.

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