AKS Series – Use Azure Storage Option as Persistent Volumes in AKS

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In this post, Sr. Consultant Monu Bambroo demonstrates how to use Azure Storage as Persistent Volumes in AKS.

Azure Kubernetes Service brings a world class managed Kubernetes service to the cloud. The customers can now leverage the power of Kubernetes platform without having to worry about managing the control plane. As a result of that, customers are now able to embark on the containerization journey with confidence. In this blog post, we will explore how to use storage orchestration capabilities in AKS. One of the best practices with containers is not to persist data inside the containers for long term as containers are ephermal. These containers can be removed and rebuilt very often and may require storage that persists across pods beyond the application lifecycle.  In this blog post, we will learn about how to create Persistent Volumes in AKS with Azure Files.


What is a Persistent Volume? – A persistent volume (PV) is a storage resource created and managed by the Kubernetes API that can exist beyond the lifetime of an individual pod. We will see how to dynamically create the Persistent Volumes using the Kubernetes API Server on Azure Files. To start with we need to create a Storage class to define tier of storage – Premium or Standard.

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