10 Reasons to Avoid DevOps

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In this post, Premier DevOps Consultant Assaf Stone touches on 10 realities you must consider before implementing a DevOps transformation.

Unless you are either very new or have no connection to the software delivery profession and industry (in which case I’d be curious to hear how you found this blog post), you have probably heard of “DevOps”. DevOps is “the union of people, processes, and products, to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” What this actually means for developers, delivery teams, and organizations is often not very clear. But everyone says you have to do it, so it has got to be good, right?

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  • cheong00 0

    Not agreeing with everything on the list.

    For example, no. 4. There is a reason why “DEV” and “QA” branch exists. You need approval from team leads to merge into QA branch, After all required manual testing is done, the change will be merged into “master” branch and goes live.

  • Sergey Sypalo 0

    Interesting reading!
    We’ve done a lot of cool stuff recently at work, fully automated whole data center upgrade using Jenkins and PowerShell, will share soon at my DevOps blog
    Sergey Sypalo

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