Windows PowerShell Web Access – Installation guide II

PowerShell Team

This blog is a continuation of the post on Basic installation guide for PowerShell Web Access. In the basic installation blog, we configured IIS with the default values used by the Install-PswaWebApplication cmdlet. This is the simplest way to install and configure the feature.


The video below illustrates two more ways to configure IIS –

1. Using Install-PswaWebApplication

     In this case we specify values for –WebSiteName and –WebApplication parameters for the cmdlet

2. Using the GUI equivalent

     In this case, we use IIS Manager to configure the website and the web application pool.


Detailed instructions on different ways to configure IIS can also be found in the Windows PowerShell Web Access help document.

The video also briefly describes how the events are logged for PowerShell Web Access. Admins can use this information to troubleshoot login failures.


Kriti Jindal

Program Manager

Windows PowerShell Web Access

Microsoft Corporation


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