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Beginning today, there’s a new way to look at Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

You’re used to looking at them this way:


Or, perhaps, this way:


But would you like to look at them this way?


What if getting a list of the remoting cmdlets was as easy as clicking a category name? And you could filter to display only the remoting configuration cmdlets?


What if you could get a quick peek at a cmdlet help topic by clicking a Bing Visual Search tile?
(See the “Help Online” link?)


Welcome to the Windows PowerShell Cmdlets Gallery in Bing Visual Search.

To see it, go to or outside the U.S., go to


1. Go to Bing:

2. Click Reference, and scroll down to Scripting.

3. Click Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

If you’re attending Microsoft Management Summit 2010, you can see a presentation of the Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Gallery and other innovative ways to present information at the “Creating an Information Experience for Windows and Management Customers” breakout session (BJ01) on Monday, April 19 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM in Bellini 2005.

The current version of the gallery is a prototype that still has a few bugs. We’re new at this and ironing them out over time. If you have suggestions, please leave comments or send them to me at

June Blender [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell Documentation


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