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icomasoft has just released VI PowerScripter.  PowerScripter is a PowerShell based extension module to VMWare’s VI Client.  I have not seen it but looking at the online manual has got to make any admin start drooling.  The thing I like about this so much is that it leverages both PowerGadgets and PowerGUI.  This allows them to deliver a great experience to their customers without having to code it all themselves.  As those products get better, their product gets better.  Happy happy all around.

I haven’t used it (since I don’t have a big VMWare environment [surprise 🙂 ]) so I’d love to hear from anyone that has used it. 

Correct me if I’ve got this wrong but it seems like PowerShell has enabled a arm’s race between VMWare and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (the other week there was a post that showed how to do Quick Migrate a VMware virtual machine from one ESX server to the other  Quick Migration for VMware – The Power of PowerShell).  Each of them is able to deliver additional great functions to their community without having to wait a year for the next product release cycle.  I think this is absolutely great for customers and highlights one of the key advantages of PowerShell – once you’ve instrumented your product with PowerShell, it enables you to be very agile in the marketplace.  That is a clear and present business advantage.


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