Updating help for the PSReadLine module in Windows PowerShell 5.1


Back in November of 2020 I posted instructions about how to work around the problem of updating the help for the PSReadLine module.

The version of the PSReadline module that shipped in Windows PowerShell 5.1 used a lowercase letter in the name. The name of the module was changed for the release of PowerShell 6. It now uses a capital L in the name. And even after following the instructions in the previous post, you still get the same error when you try to update help for Windows PowerShell 5.1.

Failed to update Help for the module(s) ‘PSReadline

The root problem in Windows PowerShell 5.1 is that the module is automatically loaded at startup using the PSReadline name (with the lowercase l). Use the following steps workaround this problem and update the help.

  1. Close all powershell.exe processes. Then rename the PSReadline module folder name to PSReadLine.
  2. Open an powershell.exe session in Administrator privilege.
  3. Run Remove-Module PSReadLine to remove the auto-loaded PSReadLine module.
  4. Run Import-Module PSReadLine (use PSReadLine with capital L).
  5. Then run Update-Help -Module PSReadLine -Force

These steps load the module in your session using the new name, which allows Update-Help to use the correct name to find the help content.


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  • Thorsten Lambrecht

    One drawback is, that the about_psreadline will now be doubled and i dont find a way to access it:
    PS C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0> get-help psreadline

    Name Category Module Synopsis
    —- ——– —— ——–
    Set-PSReadLineOption Cmdlet PSReadLine Customizes the behavior of command line editin…
    Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler Cmdlet PSReadLine Binds keys to user-defined or PSReadLine key h…
    Remove-PSReadLineKeyHandler Cmdlet PSReadLine Removes a key binding.
    Get-PSReadLineOption Cmdlet PSReadLine Gets values for the options that can be config…
    Get-PSReadLineKeyHandler Cmdlet PSReadLine Gets the bound key functions for the PSReadLin…
    about_PSReadline HelpFile
    about_PSReadLine HelpFile

    Get-Help about_psreadline now returns only this:
    Name Category Module Synopsis
    —- ——– —— ——–
    about_PSReadline HelpFile
    about_PSReadLine HelpFile

    Any clew on this?