Scott Herold – Getting Started With PowerShell and PowerGUI in your Virtual Infrastructure

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Scott Herold has published the first of a three part series called Getting Started With PowerShell and PowerGUI in your Virtual Infrastructure.  I believe that MOST admins should spend time getting  PowerGUI in focus and especially those admins that are intimidated by the command line interface.  Scott only has part 1 of his series available and while it applies to Virtual Infrastructure (VMWare), the points Scott makes are generic so I encourage everyone that isn’t already a PowerGUI user to go give it a read.  When you are done then go to PowerGUI.Org, download the latest version and give it a go.

NOTE: The reason why I said “MOST” admins should get PowerGUI in focus vs. ALL is that while I believe that ALL admins should use tools like PowerGUI, the most novice admins will rely upon someone else to craft an environment for them to use.


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