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Michael Cote and James Governor of RedMonk have a good video on their view of the state of Microsoft as of IT Forum 2007 HERE.  These guys are both smart and fun and their perspective is always enjoyable.  I thought these guys were wicked smart before I saw this video but then around the 9:15 mark James says, "PowerShell … is the most important technology Microsoft has ever introduced in system management.  That is, to me, what makes it a serious player in systems management."  In my book, they are now formally upgraded to geniuses.  🙂

The think I like about these guys so much is the fact that they have a real-world perspective on how management really gets done in IT shops.  Michael was a developer at BMC in the past.  Both are spot-on in their view of scripting which is very pragmatic.  They are very clear about the downsides of scripting and then equally clear about how critical it is in the real world.    James’s said something to the effect of "Datacenters are always going to be run with bailing wire and bubble gum so what you can do is to give IT Pros really good bailing wire.  PowerShell is THE awesome bailing wire for the datacenter".  :-)  I’m reminded of what Churchill said of democracy – the worst form of government except for all the others.

BTW – don’t just fast forward to the 9:15 mark, you should watch the whole segment – these guys are interesting. 

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