PSReadLine 2.2 RC

Jason Helmick

We are pleased to announce the Release Candidate (RC) of PowerShell PSReadLine 2.2, an improved command-line editing experience in the PowerShell terminal. This release is supported for PowerShell 7.x and downlevel to Windows PowerShell 5.1.

The release candidate is now available for download on the PowerShell Gallery.

To install PSReadLine:

Install-Module PSReadLine -AllowPrerelease -Force

Release Candidate Updates

Thank you to the community for your support, suggestions, and pull requests to help improve the command-line editing experience with PSReadLine.

For more information about specific changes, view the PSReadLine Change Log.

Features of Note

Improvements to stability and performance, along with new and updated features, have been added to this release. During the release candidate, is a great time to checkout the latest improvements and let us know if something went wrong.

Predictive IntelliSense

Predictive IntelliSense is an addition to the concept of tab completion that assists the user in successfully completing commands. The prediction suggestion appears as colored text following the user’s cursor. This enables new and experienced users of PowerShell to discover, edit, and execute full commands based on matching predictions from the user’s history and additional domain specific plugins.

Predictive IntelliSense with InlineView: image

Predictive IntelliSense with ListView: image

This feature first appeared in PSReadLine 2.1.0 and has been improved for this release thanks to the community feedback.

For more information about configuring predictions, see Announcing PSReadLine 2.1 with Predictive IntelliSense

Dynamic Help

Dynamic Help provides just-in-time help at the command line. This experience allows you to stay focused on your work in the terminal without losing your place typing on the pipeline.

Dynamic Help F1 key provides full help on the command-line.

Image DynHelp1

For more information about additional features and keyboard shortcuts using Dynamic Help, see Announcing PSReadLine 2.2-beta.2 with Dynamic Help

Additional Predictors

Are you working with Azure? When you’re ready to extend predictions to include additional plugins, try out the latest preview of the Az.Tools.Predictor from the Azure PowerShell team.

For the latest preview:

Install-Module Az.Tools.Predictor -AllowPrerelease

Read more information, see Az.Tools.Predictor.

Future plans

The plans for the general availability (GA) release will be based on community feedback. We value your ideas and feedback for this release candidate. Stop by the PSReadLine GitHub repository and let us know of any issues you find or features you would like added.


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