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William Vambenepe has a great blog entry Native “SSH” on Windows via WS-Management that is well worth a read.  I know that we’ve been busting our butts documenting our protocols but I hadn’t realized that we actually were posting them where people could get them.  Apparently that is the case.  William found them and put 2 & 2 together and has a very good article explaining what we’ve done and the ramifications of it.  He did a particularly good job on nailing the ramifications portion.  I won’t steal his thunder – you should go read his blog.  He also provides links to the specifications themselves (there are a few) so if you want some chewy reading material, follow those links. 

If you are technically-oriented it is certainly worth giving the Powershell Remoting Protocol Specification a scan. It will provide you a very good behind the scenes view of what we do with Remoting.  I think you’d find it rewarding to understand how we do what we do. 


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