PowerShell and IIS7 Revisited

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A while ago I posted an entry about PowerShell and IIS7 which then directed you to a video of the demo I did with Bill Staples the PUM of IIS.

 BTW – PUM stands for Product Unit Manager aka “BigWig”, aka “Grand Pooba”.  A PUM has like the CEO of a product of feature, they have Development, Test, and PM all report into them.  These are the people whose “butts are on the line” for a feature. 

That demo was kinda quick and not the best fidelity.  The actual keynote demo itself was even quicker (when you do a keynote demo – you say want you agreed to say, you show what you agreed to show, you don’t exceed your time budget and then you get off the stage.  Keynote demos are very stressful to do because everyone is incredibly respectful of the time and attention of the audience.  A lot of people invested a lot to be in those seats and everyone associated with the keynote put intense effort into making every minute perfect.)  Anyway, the details of what we actually did are now available in a really well written article by James McCaffrey at: An Introduction to Windows PowerShell and IIS7.0


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