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Yuting Chen

We are excited to announce new social features on the PowerShell Gallery: share buttons and discussion boards.


Share Buttons

We have added share buttons on each item page. You can now share items in the gallery on your social networks.

The buttons are located on the side panel of the page.


Click on the share button and a new share window will open:



Discussion Boards

We have also added a discussion board at the bottom of each item page.


This feature is being added to allow customers to share information about the item, and give feedback on it. It is expected that the comments are given and handled with professional courtesy. Any comments deemed to not follow reasonable standards of professional conduct will be removed by the Gallery Administrators, at their sole discretion.

To leave a comment, sign in with your email or social media accounts as provided by the list on the left. Alternatively, you can create a LiveFyre account.  Currently, signing in with your gallery account is not supported.


If you’d like to receive updates on the item’s conversation, you can subscribe to the thread by clicking the “+Follow” button. We recommend users subscribe to all of their published items, so that you will receive instant notifications about the latest comments and feedback of your items. You can also change your notification settings in your profile.


We hope you will like these new social features.  We hope that the share buttons provide a way for owners to assess their item’s popularity, and a way for users to express their appreciation of their favorite items.

And we hope the discussion boards will open up dialog between the item owners and the users, to allow for quicker feedback and collaboration.

We encourage you to try out these new features.  As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact PowerShell Gallery Administrators.


Yuting Chen

Software Engineer

PowerShell Community and Tools Team


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