New Home for In-Box DSC Resources

Katie Keim [MSFT]

We have just released a new DSC module called PSDscResources. The aim of this module is to serve as the new home of the in-box PSDesiredStateConfiguration module open-sourced on GitHub. This allows us to accept contributions for the in-box resources from our wonderful DSC community and release these resources more frequently outside of the Windows Management Framework (WMF).

The current release of PSDscResources contains 5 of the resources available in the in-box module:

  • Group
  • Service
  • User
  • WindowsOptionalFeature
  • WindowsPackageCab

These resources are a combination of those in-box as well as community contributions from our experimental xPSDesiredStateConfiguration module on GitHub. These 5 resources have also recently been updated to meet the DSC Resource Kit High Quality Resource Module (HQRM) guidelines.

Resources not currently included should not be affected and can still load from the in-box PSDesiredStateConfiguration module. As time goes on resources will gradually be added to PSDscResources.

Because PSDscResources overwrites in-box resources, it is only available for WMF 5.1. Many of the resource updates provided here are also included in the xPSDesiredStateConfiguration module which is still compatible with WMF 4 and WMF 5 (though this module is not supported and may be removed in the future).

To update your in-box resources to the newest versions provided by PSDscResources, first install PSDscResources from the PowerShell Gallery:

Install-Module PSDscResources

Then, simply add this line to your DSC configuration:

Import-DscResource -ModuleName PSDscResources

How to Contribute

With this module on GitHub, you can now contribute to the future in-box DSC resources! There are several different ways you can help. You can fix bugs, add tests, improve documentation, and open issues. See our contributing guide for more info.

We greatly value every effort our community puts into improving our resources!

Questions, Comments?

If you’re looking into using PowerShell DSC, have questions or issues with a current resource, or would like a new resource, let us know in the comments below, on Twitter (@PowerShell_Team), or by creating an issue in the main DSC Resource Kit repository on GitHub.

Katie Keim Software Engineer PowerShell Team @katiedsc (Twitter) @kwirkykat (GitHub)


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