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Seats are filling up for the PowerShell Deep Dive and cheap registration is almost over. Remember: Registration during the month of March is only $850, but quickly jumps to the full conference price of $1825 on April 1.

To register, follow this link to create your profile and use code “ATGNJR6E”.

Just a few more names of people that we’re very excited to have joining us:

Here are the abstracts for a few Deep Dives that will be led by members of the PowerShell Team.

Proxy Function Party
Speaker: Jeffrey Snover
One of our goals with PowerShell is to give you the tools and capabilities so that you never have to wait on us to deliver you what you need.
Proxy functions are one of my favorite V2 features because just as PowerShell gives you a crazy level of control over your environment, Proxy Functions give you a crazy level of control over your functions.

Didn’t get what you wanted/needed in the PowerShell V2 cmdlets? Don’t wait to see if they get fixed in V3, take control of the situation with Proxy Functions. Add parameters, Remove parameters, tweak parameter attributes, add your own semantics and have party doing it.

If you don’t walk away thinking “who needs those PowerShell developers anymore”, you weren’t paying attention

Why does it work that way? A look inside the PowerShell runtime
Speaker: Bruce Payette
PowerShell is a unique environment, combining features from shell languages, scripting languages and object-oriented programming languages. In this talk, I will explore some of the trade-offs and design decisions we made to produce a workable system.

The cliffs of PowerShell
Speaker: Kenneth Hansen & Don Jones
Everyone knows that Windows PowerShell has more than a few eccentricities that can trip up newcomers – which “gotchas” have you run across? How do you explain them to people? Join this discussion on what makes PowerShell difficult to teach or learn, trade analogies and explanations, and help establish standards and best practices that can be disseminated to gurus, trainers and evangelists worldwide!


Travis Jones [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell PM
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