Introducing Management OData Schema Designer

PowerShell Team

We are excited to introduce the new Management OData Schema Designer tool.

The tool’s goal is to accelerate evaluation /development on top of “Management OData IIS Extension” optional Windows Server 2012 feature. A very informative introduction about this feature can be found in the Standards based management in Windows Server 8 by Jeffrey Snover and Wojtek Kozaczynski.

The new tool has

  • a user friendly schema creation experience (as a wizard)
  • custom Management OData endpoint deployment capabilities.
  • schema editing and validation capabilities

There are 2 versions available:

  • a stand-alone version of the tool: x86/x64 (targeted at ITPros)

PrerequisitesVisual Studio Isolated Shell

  • a Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate/Pro plugin (the same functionality as the stand-alone tool)


Please use it and let us know if it is useful to you via the “Issue tracker”.

Raluca Hera

Program Manager, Windows Server Manageability

Microsoft Corporation