How To Write a Console Application in PowerShell with Add-Type

PowerShell Team

Windows PowerShell CTP3 has a lot of very cool things.  CTP2 introduced the Add-Type cmdlet, which allowed you to dynamically compile C# in PowerShell.  It was actually possible to use the CompilerParameters to Add-Type to make a console application, but it wasn’t particularly easy.  In CTP3, we’ve made this a lot easier to do.

There’s now an -OutputType parameter for Add-Type.  It can either output a Library (the default), a ConsoleApplication, or a WindowsApplication.  Check out this really quick "Hello World" program built using Add-Type.

Add-Type -OutputType ConsoleApplication -OutputAssembly HelloWorld.exe @"
using System;

public class MyProgram
    public static void Main(string[] args) {
        Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

Hope this Helps,

James Brundage [MSFT]


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