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The Windows PowerShell core help files that were included in Windows 7 RTM were localized into ten languages. You can download the XML and TXT versions of these localized files and use them in your Windows PowerShell projects.

The Windows PowerShell core help files are localized into the following languages:


·         de-de                    (German-Germany)

·         es-es                     (Spanish-Spain)

·         fr-fr                        (French-France)

·         it-it                         (Italian-Italy)

·         ja-jp                       (Japanese-Japan)

·         ko-kr                     (Korean-Korea)

·         pt-br                      (Portuguese-Brazil)

·         ru-ru                      (Russian-Russia)

·         zh-cn                     (Chinese-PRC)

·         zh-tw                    (Chinese-Taiwan)


To get the localized help files, use the following procedure:


1.       Go to the download site for the Windows Management Framework Core Package:

2.       Download any update for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. (The update does not need to match the operating system on your computer, but it must be an .MSU file, not an .EXE file.)

3.       Save the associated .MSU file to a location of your choice.

4.       Run the attached Get-LocalizedHelpFiles.ps1 script. 


The Get-LocalizedHelpFiles.ps1 script uses the Expand tool to expand the files in the .MSU file, including the .CAB file, and then to expand the .CAB file, which includes the help files. Then, it identifies the help files for each language and places them in language-specific directories.  The script parameters let you select from among the available languages, specify the name and location of the script’s working directories, and omit the clean-up step, which deletes unused files.


For more information about the script, save the script, start Windows PowerShell, and then type:

get-help <path>\ Get-LocalizedHelpFiles.ps1 –full


For examples, type:

get-help <path>\ Get-LocalizedHelpFiles.ps1 –examples



Good-News Note:

The Windows localized help files are online at:<language-code>/library/bb978526.aspx

To see them, replace the <language-code> placeholder with the language code. For example, to see the Spanish help files, go to


Bad-News Note:

The performance counter names, which are localized in Windows, appear in English in the localized help files. This is a known issue that we are working to correct. 





June Blender [MSFT]

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