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The Online parameter of the Get-Help cmdlet opens the online version of the help topic for a command in your default Internet browser. If you don’t use this feature regularly, you should. Online help topics are typically the most up-to-date version of the help topics, because module authors can update them at any time without redistributing the module. Online help topics are especially critical for modules in the $pshome directory ($env\SystemRoot\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0) which cannot be updated easily, because they are part of Windows.

          PS C:\> Get-Help -Online Get-Command
          PS C:\> Get-Help -on Get-Command

Sadly, the Online parameter does not work on German versions of Windows. Get-Help gets the URI (Internet address) of the online help topic from the first link in the Related Links section of each in-box help topic. In our German help topics, the URI is followed by what was intended to be a helpful note. However, Get-Help interprets the note as a part of the URI and the command fails.

    Online version: (möglicherwei se auf Englisch)

Ironically, the helpful note says that the online topic might be in English, although it is truly in German.

To notify users, I’ve added a note to the description of the Online parameter in U.S. English (en-US) and German (de-de) versions of the Get-Help topic explaining that the parameter does not work in German.

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: The Online parameter of the Get-Help cmdlet does not work correctly with German (de-DE) versions of Windows PowerShell help topics. This parameter is reserved for future use in German versions of Windows PowerShell. (

HINWEIS ZUR PROBLEMBEHANDLUNG: Der Onlineparameter des Cmdlets “Get-Help” funktioniert mit deutschen Versionen (de-DE) der Windows PowerShell-Hilfethemen nicht ordnungsgemäß. Dieser Parameter ist für eine künftige Verwendung in deutschen Versionen von Windows PowerShell reserviert. (

To view the entire set of Windows PowerShell help topics from Microsoft in German, start at You can also open a help topic on TechNet in any language, and then replace the language code in the URI.

For example, the URI for the Add-Computer topic in U.S..English (en-US) is:

And the URI for the Add-Computer topic in German (de-de) is:

Our non-English help topics are not updated as frequently as the English topics. However, we’re experimenting with many different way to improve our localized help, including our Community Translation Pilot Project ( If you have suggestions, please comment on this post or send feedback directly to me through Connect ( or e-mail (

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Senior Programming Writer
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