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I just saw a PowerShell blog entry on spaces (!744FB258BF8C8020!1291.entry ) but it was in a language I don’t read (I think it was Japanese)*.  I thought I would check it out for yucks and was delighted to realizes that while I couldn’t understand anything the blogger was saying, I could perfectly understand the scripts.

This blogger provided a great Cliff notes version of ConvertTo-Html , starting out simple, and then step-by-step, adding a concept and seeing what it does. 

It starts off showing the results of Get-Services in html. 
Then it picks just the properties of interest.
Then it adds a Title and a Body to the html.
Then it colors the rows depending upon whether the service is Started or Stopped.

Very nice explaination.  You should check it out.

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* That reminds me of a joke a dutch friend told me:

How do you describe someone that can speak multiple languages?   Multi-lingual.

How do you describe someone that can speak two languages?          Bi-lingual.

How do you describe someone that can speak one language?            American



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