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A while ago I had the great pleasure to interview Scott Hanselman for Channel 9.about a wide range of topics. It was a blast. Think of it as the geek equivalent of My Dinner with Andre. Ok well neither of us are as interesting as that but Scott comes close (and I did get to drop a reference to Kierkegaard which always brightens my day). If you haven’t joined the Scott Hanselman fan club yet, you are missing out. Scott has a great blog at: and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He as a cool way of demo’ing PowerShell so even if you know PowerShell, you’ll get a charge out of watching Scott demo it again.

Just to set (lower) your expectations, we had technical difficulties with the video (the darn camera didn’t have a command line interface or man page!) so the first 5 minutes is audio only. This is really unfortunate because you miss Scott doing an interpretive dance explanation of Corillian’s use of PowerShell. It was truly a sight to behold but alas – the camera wasn’t working so you’ll just have to trust me and imagine it for yourselves. J

You can watch it here. You can also download it directly from here .


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