Bruce Payette is writing a book: PowerShell in Action

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Superstar Bruce Payette is writing a book focused on the whats and whys of the language called PowerShell in Action.  Bruce is the dev lead on the language and is a walking encyclopedia of computer languages.  I have the honor of being a technical reviewer of the book and it has me jumping out of my chair with excitement (seriously, when you grok the full power of this tool – it just blows the top of your head off).  Bruce puts this in a context that just makes everything so clear.  This will be the book that takes beyond the basics and gives you a full understanding of the amazing capabilities of PowerShell.

Anyway, you are going to want to watch for this book when it comes out this fall.  You can get a sneak preview (the cover and Chapter 1 online) at:

Check it out!

Jeffrey Snover
PowerShell Architect


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