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Nice to meet you! I’m a Program Manager on the PowerShell team at Microsoft. My focus is on all things PowerShell including Predictive IntelliSense, Crescendo, DSC and PlatyPS. One favorite pastime is working with the rapidly growing PowerShell community.

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Announcing PSDesiredStateConfiguration on PowerShell Gallery

We are pleased to announce the release of PSDesiredStateConfiguration 2.0.5 for DSC as a separate module on PowerShell Gallery.

Announcing PowerShell Crescendo Preview.2

Many native commands require elevated privileges to perform the expected operations. PowerShell Crescendo Preview 2 now supports cross platform elevation for your Crescendo wrapped native commands.

Announcing PSReadLine 2.2-beta.2 with Dynamic help

We are pleased to announce Dynamic Help, providing just-in-time help at the command line. Receive the help you need in the terminal without losing your place typing on the pipeline.

Announcing PowerShell Community Blog

Announcing PowerShell Crescendo Preview.1

Announcing PSReadLine 2.1+ with Predictive IntelliSense

Tab completion has accelerated the success of new and experienced PowerShell users for over adecade. New users get the benefit of discovery, seeing available cmdlets and parameters as optionswhile interactively typing. Experienced users receive the benefit of acceleration, typing less whileusing the Tab key to quickly complete a ...

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