Announcing SecretManagement 1.1 GA

Joey Aiello

We’re happy to announce that SecretManagement 1.1 is now generally available (GA)!

Awesome! I’m already using SecretManagement, what’s new and where can I get it?

If you’ve already got SecretManagement running in your environment, check out the 1.1 preview blog before updating for more information on how the changes might impact your or vault extensions.

SecretManagement 1.1 mostly includes updates to enable users operating in Constrained Language Mode (CLM). We’ve also validated that only one of the community-published extension vaults were affected by the changes.

Once you’ve reviewed the blog, simply update with PowerShellGet:

Update-Module -Force Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretManagement

That’s it!

I’m not familiar with SecretManagement. What is it, and why should I use it?

For those that haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, SecretManagement is a module available on the PowerShell Gallery that enables you to use a common set of commands to store and retrieve secrets within PowerShell scripts, regardless of where you prefer to keep your secrets safe.

For example, in your local dev scenarios, you may want to use our accompanying SecretStore vault which uses .NET to securely store secrets on your local machines cross-platform. Or, in CI/CD or Azure-related scenarios, you may want to use Az.KeyVault to talk directly to Azure Key Vault. And of course, a number of community members have already published extension vaults for many other types of vaults on the PowerShell Gallery.

In any of these cases, once you’ve properly configured an extension vault, you can consistently use cmdlets like Get-Secret and Set-Secret to interface directly with your secret vaults.

To learn more about SecretManagement and SecretStore, be sure to check out the original 1.0 release blog, as well as the Microsoft Docs pages for both SecretManagement and SecretStore.

Where can I give feedback? Or better yet, contribute to SecretManagement or SecretStore?

Both SecretManagement and SecretStore are fully open-source projects that are open for issues and pull requests from the outside community. Check out the SecretManagement and SecretStore if you’ve got feedback, bugs, or feature requests, or if you think you’ve got some code, docs, or tests that could improve them.

Thanks so much!

Joey Aiello PM, PowerShell

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  • John Kavanagh 0

    Update-Module -Force SecretManagement should probably read Update-Module -Force Microsoft.Powershell.SecretManagement

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