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Peter Varhol of RedmondMag.Com has a very good look at Windows Server 2008 HERE.   He does a good job covering some of the points of a very large release.  He has some particularly kind words for PowerShell.  Here the start of that section:

"The quality of the release is directly related to the quality of tools provided to nurse it through its daily chores. In this regard, Windows Server 2008 might just bring a smile to all the overworked admins out there. The smile starts with PowerShell, the widely reported replacement to the NT command script workhorse in use for over a decade."

I like the comment about "overworked admins".  I think about how we can help those folks all day long.  I firmly believe that admining Windows:

1) Shouldn’t have to be this hard.
2) Should be FUN!

When we are done, if you aren’t having fun managing windows it means one of 2 things.  🙂

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