15 Minutes with Lang.Net

PowerShell Team

Microsoft is an awesome place to work on languages!

Lang.Net is a great language conference that Microsoft holds every year.  We bring in people from all around the industry that are passionate about languages and then race through a set of topics.  All the talks are given 15 or 30 minute slots so that we can get through a ton of information.  Check out the agenda for this year (HERE) to get a flavor for the wide range of topics and attendees.

This year I was given 15 minutes to describe PowerShell!  I decided to:

  1. Go fast
  2. Give an overview of V2
  3. Drill into the Universal Code Execution Model with a demo

You can see the presentation HERE.

I would highly recommend watching Karl Prosser’s talk on PowerShelll DSLs HERE.  Awesome stuff!

You can watch any/all of the talks HERE.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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