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PIX 2210.10-preview: Initial support for Preview Agility SDK v706

Announcing Preview Builds PIX on Windows has always been dedicated to keeping pace with the official releases of the Agility SDK. However, developers working with the Preview versions of the Agility SDK - which contain D3D12 features that are still in progress - are left without a meaningful graphics debugger. This can be especially ...

WinPixEventRuntime 2102.09: Minor fixes and optimizations

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since our last update to WinPixEventRuntime! This update brings a couple of minor fixes and optimizations, which should hopefully lead to a slightly better quality of life when using the runtime 😊 You can download the new runtime here. Release notes: Known Issue...

Changes to the capture experience

Summary As some of you have likely noticed by now, PIX.2008-26 comes with some improvements to the overall capture and Start-Analysis experience, made possible by the rewrite of the capture layer within PIX on Windows. This is a list of the major changes – read on for a detailed explanation! API selection change - no ...