F# PowerPack supports PLINQ

Stephen Toub - MSFT

The F# team has released the F# PowerPack for download on CodePlex, and we’re very excited that the PowerPack now has direct support for PLINQ.  From the CodePlex site:

F# Parallel LINQ Integration
FSharp.PowerPack.Parallel.dll provides an F#-style API for parallel operations on sequences that are part of .NET 4.0 as System.Linq.ParallelEnumerable class. The API is akin to F# operations on sequences:

let nums = [|1..500000|]
let finalDigitOfPrimes =
        |> PSeq.filter isPrime
        |> PSeq.groupBy (fun i -> i % 10)
        |> PSeq.map (fun (k, vs) -> (k, Seq.length vs))
        |> PSeq.toArray 



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