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Raymond has been involved in the evolution of Windows for more than 30 years. In 2003, he began a Web site known as The Old New Thing which has grown in popularity far beyond his wildest imagination, a development which still gives him the heebie-jeebies. The Web site spawned a book, coincidentally also titled The Old New Thing (Addison Wesley 2007). He occasionally appears on the Windows Dev Docs Twitter account to tell stories which convey no useful information.

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A quick note about WRL’s Chain­Interfaces template class

For interfaces which extend each other.

On the finer points of cancelling timers and wait objects in Windows thread pool

Assorted little details.
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What’s up with this new memory_order_consume memory order?

A weaker variation of acquire.

One way to defer work when a re-entrant call is detected

Tying a string on your finger, as a reminder to yourself.

A code comment noting the steps to take when a 256th enum field is added

A note for my future self.

Why is std::hardware_destructive_interference_size a compile-time constant instead of a run-time value?

The compiler is already making compile-time assumptions about the processor; you just don't realize it.

Protecting a broker from a failing delegate

Catching them in a different way.

Protecting a broker from a failing event handler

Gotta catch them all.
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The case of the unhandled exception in a brokered Windows Runtime component

Digging into the event dispatch code.

No, it is not a security vulnerability that there is no certificate of appreciation for reporting a bug

It wasn't even a bug report.

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