How can I register my context menu command for all file types *except* one, or other complex conditionals?

Raymond Chen


We saw that you can

register your context menu under *

to make it apply to all files.
But what if you want it to apply to all files
except one?
For example, your command might be
“Convert to Widget” but you don’t want it to appear for
.widget files because that would be redundant.

I mentioned how to do this
as an afterthought

in an earlier discussion
of advanced context menu registration
but I’m going to elevate to its own topic because it’s probably even
more useful than the base article!

Starting in Windows 7,
you can conditionalize your context menu declaratively.
This is explained in the documentation for context menus
in the section

Getting Dynamic Behavior for Static Verbs
by Using Advanced Query Syntax
Let’s try it out.
Of course, I don’t actually have a
“Widgetizer” program, so I’ll just use Calc.

“AppliesTo”=”NOT System.FileExtension:=.widget”


The Widgetize command appears only for files whose
extension is not .widget.

You have access to the shell property system and
Advanced Query Syntax here,
so you can create more complex conditionals.
Here’s how you can Widgetize only files that are smaller
than 32KB,
and ignore zero-byte files.

“AppliesTo”=”System.Size:1..32kb AND NOT System.FileExtension:=.widget”

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