Command line redirection is performed by the command line interpreter

Raymond Chen


The magic characters like
>, and
in command lines like

myprogram.exe | sort > output.txt

are interpreted by the command interpreter CMD.EXE;
they aren’t built into the CreateProcess function.
(This is obvious if you think about it.
That command line created two processes; which one should
CreateProcess return a handle to?)

If you pass a command line like this to CreateProcess,
it will merely run the
myprogram.exe program with the command line arguments
| sort > output.txt“.
(The ShellExecute function behaves similarly.)
If you want these characters to be interpreted as redirection
operators, you need to give them to someone who will interpret
those characters in the manner you intend:

cmd.exe /C myprogram.exe | sort > output.txt

Since different command line interpreters use different syntax,
you have to specify which command line interpreter you want to use.

If the command line came from the user, you probably want to use
the COMSPEC variable in order to give the command
to the user’s command line interpreter of choice.

Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen

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