Getting the location of the Close button in the title bar

Raymond Chen


Today’s Little Program locates the × button in the corner
of the window and, just to show that it found it,
displays a balloon tip pointing at it.

Let’s start with the program from last week,

the one that displays a balloon tip
then make these changes:

BOOL GetCloseButtonCenter(HWND hwnd, POINT *ppt)
 TITLEBARINFOEX info = { sizeof(info) };
 if (!SendMessage(hwnd, WM_GETTITLEBARINFOEX, 0, (LPARAM)&info))
    return FALSE;
 if (info.rgstate[5] & (STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE |
                            STATE_SYSTEM_OFFSCREEN |
                            STATE_SYSTEM_UNAVAILABLE)) return FALSE;
 ppt->x = info.rgrect[5].left +
             (info.rgrect[5].right - info.rgrect[5].left) / 2;
 ppt->y = info.rgrect[5].top +
             (info.rgrect[5].bottom - info.rgrect[5].top) / 2;
 return TRUE;
  case TEXT(' '):
    if (GetCloseButtonCenter(hwnd, &pt)) {
      SendMessage(g_hwndTT, TTM_TRACKPOSITION, 0, MAKELPARAM(pt.x, pt.y));

Instead of positioning the balloon at the cursor position,
we put it at the center of the Close button.
We use the
to obtain information about the window title bar,
specifically checking information about the Close button.
After verifying that it is visible and on-screen and enabled,
we calculate its center point and return success.

is new for Windows Vista.
Next time, we’ll cook up a method that works on Windows 2000
and Windows XP.

Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen

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