2023 mid-year link clearance

Raymond Chen




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  • Alexey Badalov 0

    I got all the “limited audience” jokes but understood, maybe, 20 words in the cricket post.

  • word merchant 0

    This site is a treasure trove of brilliant analysis and history. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, especially as some of the commentards are not 💯% on your side.

  • skSdnW · Edited 0

    “I’m sorry you had to write a batch file” but batch files are the old old new script thing. I’m pretty sure cmd.exe could be fixed to handle nul, the bigger problem is that CreateFile is documented to support CON and that would require a exe manifest tag to ignore.

    I’m pretty sure TweakUI did more than just tweak existing features? The Win9x auto login for example…

    Regular readers already know most of these stories but it is still a joy to see you talk on stage!

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