2022 year-end link clearance

Raymond Chen

Here begins the year-end link clearance.

This ends the year-end link clearance.

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  • Dwayne Robinson · Edited 0

    Yeah, if there was anything in C++ that I was allowed to revert (besides switch fallthrough by default), it would be the non-uniform initialization introduced by C++11. Well, I’d either revert it, or require that any a class’s constructors consist of either:
    (a) only an std::initializer_list (and no other constructors, besides copy/move)
    (b) accept any constructor, but do not prioritize std::initializer_list. One must explicitly pass the inner braces for the initializer list and the outer braces for the constructor call, with no implicit flattening of the two braces: std::vector v = {{1,2}};.

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